AHS Earth Team joins Litter March!

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Litter March.JPG

On Saturday March 18th, 2017, EarthTeam interns from multiple schools participated in the 2017 Litter March to raise awareness about littering in their communities. Students advocated for no littering by designing posters that were carried during the march. Volunteers walked for two miles starting at Josie de la Cruz Park in Oakland and picked up trash along the way.

We should be more considerate about where we throw our trash because littering can damage our local terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems, potentially harming the wildlife within them. One of our main goals is to advocate for and educate our local communities on environmental issues; by having them engage in activities such as the Litter March, the EarthTeam interns and other people within the community were left with lasting impressions that will encourage them to make better choices about disposing their trash.

Written by: Leilani LaBrie and Julie Vu

Alameda Earth Team Upcoming Events

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Screen Shot 2017-03-10 at 11.16.36 AM.png

On Earth Day, April 22nd, Alameda Earth Team is hosting a tree planting event at Washington Park from 10am-3pm. This event is tied into the Alameda Park Districts Earth Day events. Through Earth Teams involvement in the Alameda Park Districts activities we hope to showcase Earth Teams platform to the community and especially younger children who in the future, hopefully seek opportunities to help the environment. Earth Team interns will aid the volunteers through the entire process of tree planting. Earth Team members received training from the East Bay Regional Park Service in proper tree planting technique, and will teach their learned skills to the volunteers. This event enables Earth Team members to hone their skills and teach valuable environmental skills to the Alameda community. Earth Day and Arbor Day both were creating for fostering appreciation of our environment and planet. Through this event we hope to do just that. Please join us if you would like to make a difference!
Alameda Earth Team will be hosting Restoration Olympics at Oyster Bay on Arbor Day April 29th from 9am-12:30pm. Alameda Earth Team will be hosting friendly restoration competitions between volunteers for prizes. We aim to collectively improve our skills at restoration work and continue to restore the Oyster Bay Shoreline. Alameda Earth Team is looking forward to bonding with other schools Earth Team interns that may attend. We hope to see a positive change in the restoration of Oyster Bay and in Alameda Earth Team’s relationships with other Earth Team groups. The Restoration Olympics will be a fun and beneficial event for the interns and will help them improve their restoration skills. If you would like to join us and to help restore Oyster Bay Regional Shoreline in a fun and exciting way please register at :

EventBrite Oyster Bay Restoration Olympics

Written by: Samantha Starr




Restoring East Bay Parks

Alameda Earth Team continues to work with East Bay Regional Park Staff (EBRPD) staff to help restore parks in their local community. For the last month interns have beeimg_6853n working rain or shine on Thursdays at Crown Memorial Beach helping EBRPD staff member, Ross Mitchell, turn the entrance into a drought tolerant native plant garden that will attract native pollinators and birds. It will help bring additional natural wonder to the already beautiful East Bay park located alongside the SF Bay. The park futures beautiful views of San Francisco, and plenty opportunities to observe wildlife.

Interns also still work Saturday field days helping EBRPD restore Oyster Bay Regional Shoreline into a restoration hotspot thriving with native and drought tolerant plant species!



“I learned how to properly plant trees and experienced outdoor field work for the first time”- Leilani LaBrie

“Planting the pine trees is super satisfying especially after the hard work digging holes. I think the idea that one day an entire park will have been built on top of a landfill with our help is great motivation” -Janne Bruhns


Earth Team Begins Restoration Work at Crown Memorial Beach


IMG_3014.jpgAlameda Earth Team will now be spending their Thursday after school time helping to restore Crown Memorial Beach with the East Bay Regional Park District. Interns will be working with EBRPD staff member Ross Mitchell to remove invasive species from various locations around Crown Memorial Beach and planting native species. These native species will provide habitat for native birds and other species, helping make Crown Memorial Beach the ultimate birding location.

Interns are still continuing to help restore Oyster Bay Regional Shoreline during their weekend field days. Interns will be hosting a Community Restoration Field Day in February, further details will be provided shortly.

“Outdoor work is so cool because you get physical evidence of the work you just completed”- Alex English

“Our work at Crown Memorial Beach will help our local community and wildlife by reintroducing native species and educate visitors on the importance of these species since they are to put signs up in the garden.” -Leilani LaBrie



Alameda High Earth Team Presents to Peers

Alameda interns finished the first semester of their internship by completing a lighthearted environmental PSA video about waste and how it can affect the the bay shown above.. Interns were inspired to create the video to show their peers, after conducting their very own waste audit. The data from the audit surprised interns and pushed them to change the numbers, and see significant differences by the end of this new semester. Interns were pleased to discover that their student body was very productive and accurate with disposing of compost material in the proper bin. This new semester interns will perform a second waste audit to see if the data has changed favorably, and will also continue focusing on restoring Oyster Bay Regional Shoreline. Interns will be hosting their very own restoration events, that students and volunteers are welcome to come too. More information will be provided soon for anyone interested.


Special thanks to our amazing cast: Janne Bruhns, Alex English, Emeline McMann-Chapman, Clinton Phan, Julie Vu, Jessica Yip,  and Destin Wong!!

Alameda Earth Team Oyster Bay Tree Planting


Alameda Earth Team interns joined San Lorenzo interns early this month to plant 20 additional trees at Oyster Bay Regional Shoreline in San Leandro. Interns were challenged physically in order to oyster_trailmapplant the trees, but the reward was far greater than the loss of energy.

The native Coast Live Oak and Torrey Pines will allow the natural habitat to thrive, provide habitat for endangered Monarch butterflies during their great migration, and hope transform this retired landfill to a natural recreational oasis.

Oyster Bay Regional Shoreline Field Day

Dow wetlands-60.jpg
Earth Team interns with EPRD Ranger’s Gabriel, and Pamela.

This Saturday Earth Team interns worked with East Bay Regional Park District’s (EBRPD) Oyster Bay Regional Shoreline Manager, Pamela Beitz, to plant 21 native Californian fauna at Oyster Bay Regional Shoreline in San Leandro. The most notable plant that interested and challenged interns the most was the Torrey Pine, an endangered California pine tree. Torrey Pines only exist in two habitats in San Diego and Santa Rosa Island of the Channel Islands. Planting Torrey Pines at Oyster Bay Regional Shoreline allows the species to thrive in other areas of the California Coast, and boost its population numbers. Interns learned the balance between recreation and habitat restoration in East Bay Park’s, and what is implemented to make parks both natural habitats for flora and fauna, and recreational areas for the public to enjoy. Oyster Bay Regional Shoreline is expected to become a major migration stop for endangered Monarch Butterflies, in the coming years. Monarchs already are visiting to nest in the established Torrey Pine grove at the Shoreline but numbers are expected to increase substantially over the years with the planting of more Torrey Pines. Oyster Bay Regional Shoreline will also be home t0 a massive frisbee golf course along the shore, and an outdoor bicycling skills course. Interns will be assisting Pamela and the EBRPD in planting and watering native plants, as well as removing invasive plants in order to implement this recreation areas.

Dow wetlands-42.jpg

Crown Memorial Beach Litter Assessment!

Interns, Julie Vu and Yoojin Choi, conducting litter assessment.

Alameda High Earth Team interns spent this week conducting a Litter Assessment of Crown Memorial Beach in Alameda. Interns worked in teams, one was in charge of data recording, and the other trash collecting. Each piece of litter was recorded and entered directly into National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s (NOAA) Marine Debris Tracker App.  NOAA’s app allows anyone to make a difference in the fight against marine debris. It is user friendly, and incredibly intuitive and allows users to visually see maps of the areas where litter has been collected, and what type of litter was removed. This allows for interns to determine where litter hotspots are and what next steps can be done to mitigate this build up of litter.

Interns found that cigarette butts and plastic food wrappers were the most common type of litter found at Crown Memorial Beach. Food wrappers were found predominantly in remote areas of the beach, relatively far from trash cans, and cigarette butts were everywhere. Earth Team interns decided that ashtrays near each trash can would be beneficial in mitigating the littering of cigarette butts. Interns will work to determine who to reach out too to make this idea come to life.

Next week interns will be introduced to East Bay Regional Park Ranger, Pamela Beitz, who will be presenting about Oyster Bay Regional Shoreline and the restoration work that interns will be implementing there shortly.

LEAF Presidio Camping Trip 2016

Earth Team interns from all 9 East Bay high schools at Rob Hill Campground, San Francisco.

Alameda High Earth Team interns enjoyed a break from their hectic schedules and spent a weekend camping with other Earth Team interns and staff in the Presidio National Park. Interns have been hard at work learning about habitat restoration in their local community, the native flora and fauna and determining the focus of their sustainable campus project. This camping trip allowed them to relax and simply enjoy the natural world, while simultaneously studying how some native plants in Alameda are also present on the San Francisco Pacific Coast. Earth Team interns had an opportunity to get to know other interns from different schools, learn about their internships, and hear what campus projects they were implementing.

Interns hiking to the Batteries to Bluffs trail in Presidio National Park.

Many interns were exposed to their very first camping experience, and outdoor hike. The hike was a moderate 3 mile trek, with stunning views, along the Pacific Coast. Midway through the hike interns stopped at the Golden Gate Bridge and enjoyed their local wonder. After the hike, interns learned about the principles of Leave No Trace, cooked hot dogs on a campfire, and enjoyed roasting marsh mellows and playing games by a bonfire. The experience proved to be rewarding, although challenging.

“Going on the hike and seeing all sorts of tourists, and Earth Team members and locals merge made me feel super appreciative of living in California, which is such a beautiful progressive place where environmentalists are able to start such beautiful projects” -Janne Bruhns, 12th grade

“My most memorable experience was the campfire because it was a great experience to do team bonding with other interns. The stories and activities can be intense at times but it was really funny. I got the opportunity to meet new people and different personalities.” -Julie Vu, 11th grade

“I enjoyed hiking down to the beach and to the bridge because we got to see beautiful views and appreciate the nature where we live” -Harrison Chu, 12th grade

The entire Earth Team 2016 LEAF participants.