Alameda Hits the Ground Running, a student summary.


When I look back on our first experiences with Earth Team, I am happy to say it was an amazing introduction to what we are going to be doing in the future and how we will be helping our community. Our focus, made clear from the very start, was to work towards a safer marine environment by cleaning up harmful trash and preventing further degradation of the marine ecosystem.

It seemed like such a daunting task for such a small group of people, but we learned otherwise. We were taught so much in such a short amount of time about the topic, and our team became such a cohesive unit in the process. We learned about the lifespan of each individual piece of trash, and how even the trash you dont throw away on land will eventually turn up in the oceans through sewage systems. In one instance we did a survey of how much trash is around our school, and for me personally I thought we were a generally clean school; in just two hours we found over a thousand pieces of trash!!!

I was horrified and surprised, it had really opened up my eyes to how big of a problem trash really is. We were shown how some of the world’s most beautiful wildlife is killed or somehow negatively impacted by marine debris, sending a clear message about how important our work here is. And the amazing thing about it is…..IT’S SO MUCH FUN!!!!

We have grown so close to each other, and every meeting brings something new and exciting! At the moment, we are working in different small groups approaching solving our trash problem in different ways, such as through videos or posters and the like. Yet we all still collaborate together as our processes continually overlap. We are all working towards one single goal, and it really helps when we are working in such a positive and supportive environment earth team provides us with. I know that may sound a bit cheesy, but it really is the truth!

I am glad in every way I made the choice to join, and I’m even overjoyed in how many other schools are working towards the same goals in different ways. I am positive and  optimistic in the fact that our small team here in alameda is going to make a difference, even in our first few weeks here we have all acquired lifeskills and information that we will carry on into the future. One I am sure will be useful in really any way you look at it is backwards planning: a process where we have a goal, and we work backwards figuring out how to get to that goal figuring all the way back to what we need to do it. This really shows how this is an internship for a reason, and we aren’t just learning about facts, but we are learning real applicable skills for the future. I hope the coming weeks are as productive as our first few!

-Kyle A.

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