Alameda High Recruitment Begins!



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The EarthTeam 2016-2017 internship has officially began at Alameda High with recruitment, and applications are flooding in. Program Associate, Julia Dorosh, presented to sophomores, juniors, and seniors during their science class last week. Students were eager to apply and full of questions. An info session was held at lunch in Dr. Griffith’s office, and provided students with the opportunity to ask any questions they had and introduce themselves.

Many students had already heard about EarthTeam internships through friends and family, had applied before, and were thrilled to be able to try again. Students in a junior class chatted excitedly about the fact that they might experience their first formal interview, and how nerve wracking that may be. Fortunately, their nerves have not stopped them. Phone interviews have began and will continue until Wednesday. By Thursday the accepted 14 will be informed and their first meeting will take place! Hooray to a new year!

EarthTeam Alameda internship 2016 flyer.


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