Coastal Cleanup Day! Sept 17th!

Alameda ET interns and community volunteers at the annual Coastal Cleanup Day.

Alameda High Earth Team interns did an amazing job on Saturday, September 17, helping community members of Contra Costa County remove litter from Wildcat Creek. Their efforts were a part of much larger environmental action day, calledIMG_3239.jpg Coastal Cleanup Day. Every year in mid September environmental stewards and community members all over California come together and remove as much litter from our waterways and coastal beaches as possible. This inspiring initiative was created by the California Coastal Commission and continues to not only help our natural world, but also brings communities together for one common goal.

The Alameda ET team spent 3 hours collecting the litter and recording data. Their hard work paid off. In total Alameda interns and community members, removed 357 lbs of trash! Interns were all smiles after the event because they knew they had made an impact and helped keep marine debris from polluting our coastal and marine habitats. It feels good to make a difference. img_3222


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