LEAF Presidio Camping Trip 2016

Earth Team interns from all 9 East Bay high schools at Rob Hill Campground, San Francisco.

Alameda High Earth Team interns enjoyed a break from their hectic schedules and spent a weekend camping with other Earth Team interns and staff in the Presidio National Park. Interns have been hard at work learning about habitat restoration in their local community, the native flora and fauna and determining the focus of their sustainable campus project. This camping trip allowed them to relax and simply enjoy the natural world, while simultaneously studying how some native plants in Alameda are also present on the San Francisco Pacific Coast. Earth Team interns had an opportunity to get to know other interns from different schools, learn about their internships, and hear what campus projects they were implementing.

Interns hiking to the Batteries to Bluffs trail in Presidio National Park.

Many interns were exposed to their very first camping experience, and outdoor hike. The hike was a moderate 3 mile trek, with stunning views, along the Pacific Coast. Midway through the hike interns stopped at the Golden Gate Bridge and enjoyed their local wonder. After the hike, interns learned about the principles of Leave No Trace, cooked hot dogs on a campfire, and enjoyed roasting marsh mellows and playing games by a bonfire. The experience proved to be rewarding, although challenging.

“Going on the hike and seeing all sorts of tourists, and Earth Team members and locals merge made me feel super appreciative of living in California, which is such a beautiful progressive place where environmentalists are able to start such beautiful projects” -Janne Bruhns, 12th grade

“My most memorable experience was the campfire because it was a great experience to do team bonding with other interns. The stories and activities can be intense at times but it was really funny. I got the opportunity to meet new people and different personalities.” -Julie Vu, 11th grade

“I enjoyed hiking down to the beach and to the bridge because we got to see beautiful views and appreciate the nature where we live” -Harrison Chu, 12th grade

The entire Earth Team 2016 LEAF participants.

Crown Memorial Beach Native Plant Walk

Interns discussing and studying flora at Crown Memorial Beach.

Alameda High Earth Team interns spent their last meeting walking Crown Memorial Beach and identifying native, non-native, and invasive plants. Interns learned that many plants identified were non-native and invasive plants that do no occur at Crown Memorial Beach naturally, and were introduced to this area. Interns enjoyed researching and closely studying the plants in order to accurately ID them. Interns will begin learning more in depth about habitat restoration, and soon will be helping restore Oyster Bay with the East Bay Regional Parks. They hope to make an impact in helping the SF Bay Watershed thrive.

Interns, Julie Vu and Joyce Do, identifying Coyote Brush a California native.